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PHRF Committee

The YRALIS Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) committee creates handicaps that are based on the speed potential of a sailing yacht, determined on observations of the yacht's previous observed racing performance. In reviewing new yachts, the handicap committee will compare the new yacht to other vessels that they are familiar with and are comparable in specifications to the vessel being rated. The committee, from time to time, will look for boats of the same type, based on sail area to displacement ratios and then make adjustments based on the differences to the new yacht. If available, designer's comments, IRC certificates or other handicaps will be used in quantifying the yacht's speed potential. In addition, handicappers might look to see if a similar model of the new boat has raced in another PHRF area. The handicap can then be adjusted, based on deltas from the other area & the YRALIS. The difficult part of handicapping a sailboat is qualifying of the racing program of the boat. Just because a boat finishes last all the time or, on the other hand, wins many races, does not necessarily mean that the handicap is wrong. The YRALIS has currently over two thousand sailing yachts rated. This comprehensive list, along with the variety of of persons from the sailing industry & vast experience in yacht racing, have created a PHRF list of ratings respected all over the country.


                                                                                                                                                     2014 PHRF Committee


Area 7: Richard Royce, CHAIR


Area 8: Robert Kendrick

Area 2:  William Baxter


Area 2: Jeff Ohstrom

Area 8:  Matt Berger


Area 3:  Mark Ploch

Area 1:  Tom Castiglione


Area 8:  Charles Powers

Area 5:  Richie Coar


HRYRA:  George Samalot

Area 1:  Rich Gold


Area 2:  Richard Sinclair


Area 8:  June Kendrick


Area 2:  Andrew Weiss